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Synaesthete 1.0.1 17/01/08 Free English
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP

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Rhythm and music combine in this original game

Nick Mead

  • Original gameplay
  • Great soundtracks
  • Graphics are poor

Synaesthete is a game which fuses player actions and in-game music, in a unique and original way.

The rhythm and flow of the music is expressed in every detail of the game, so that the visual and audio are not two experiences, but one. Get your dancing boots on and enjoy one of the most original music-action games out there!

"Review of Digipen's awesome music-shooter."

  • 9.0
  • 9.0
  • usability9
  • Stability10
  • Installation7
  • Functionality9
  • Appearance7

The game is simply awesome. Every aspect of it reeks style, with cool visuals, satisfying and fun gameplay coupled with some of the best in-game music I've ever heard. You play as the Zaikman (a play on the producers name) who travels into the human conciseness to restore order in various areas by defeating enemies with power of music. This is where the unique gameplay comes in-in order to destroy said baddies you need to hit notes that scroll across the screen with the J, K and L keys, in a similar fashion to games such as Guitar Hero. At the same time each note you strike successfully is shot out as an energy beam which automatically targets enemies and destroys them. You also need to avoid being touched by the enemies, which takes away life and ultimately leads to game over. There are ten stages and a tutorial level to work through, so overall the game is quite short - only about 1 and a half to 2 hours, but it is a wonderful and immensely enjoyable amount of time. The game revolves around music, so it's a good job it's truly brilliant and exhilarating. All sounds are very high quality and is some of the best techno music (in my opinion) ever, so music fans will get more out of it than others. The graphics are also very stylish and it runs very smoothly while being reasonably technically impressive, but it falls down at the stage and enemy design. There's very little different with the layout of the levels and the enemies are even worse, being only small, pop-up squares. The bosses serve to break things up though, and are fantastically designed and rendered - the last boss deserves a particular mention, being one of the most exhilarating experiences I've ever had. Simply, you have to try this game out - the things freeware for goodness sake! It's at and is fairly easy to download, and once you have you'll be all the better for it. It's stylish, original with outstanding music (I can't stress that enough!) - what more could you want?

  • Outstanding music.
  • An exhilerating experience.
  • Truly original and unique.
  • Realy stylish, polished and classy.
  • Repetetive stage and enemy design.
  • Occasionaly unfair and annoying.

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06 Jul 2009

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