Synaesthete 1.0.1

Rhythm and music combine in this original game


  • Original gameplay
  • Great soundtracks


  • Graphics are poor

Very good
Synaesthete is a highly original game that mixes music and arcade action in the style of Dance Revolution.

The objective of the game is to basically eliminate all enemies in each room - or phase. To do so you must move your character around by hitting a sequence of musical notes whilst lasers fire at them. Therefore, the movements of your character are also dictated by the musical rhythm of the soundtrack. If you've played Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero, you'll know what I mean. If you haven't, then it works by making you push one of three keys in the right order to keep pace with the tracks. The better you do, the more your character avoids being struck down by a shot or laser beam. The graphics are 3D vector style and you have to guide your tiny character around the grids and across bridges which does get a bit boring. The 3D images are not exactly well crafted and in this respect, the developers could have done a much better job. However, for pure originality and pumping soundtracks, it's guaranteed to keep you buzzing for a while.

Synaesthete gets full marks for originality and if you're a Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero fan, you'll probably enjoy this a lot.

Synaesthete is a game which fuses player actions and in-game music, in a unique and original way.

The rhythm and flow of the music is expressed in every detail of the game, so that the visual and audio are not two experiences, but one. Get your dancing boots on and enjoy one of the most original music-action games out there!



Synaesthete 1.0.1

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    Rhythm and music combine in this original game.
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